Saturday, May 12, 2012

Good Times At My House! (Can you hear the sarcasm?)

I have had a HELL of a week. Power tools were involved. And sewage. I drank a lot of vodka last night. It was well-earned.

It's been fun.

On Monday, I was trimming the hedges. Now, I'm normally VERY careful when I use power tools. Being cut by anything with a motorized blade just does not sound like fun for me. Don't worry, folks, it's not that bad. It's only my fingers. I'm still not quite sure what happened. I ended up slicing through the skin on two of my fingers - it bled a lot. The hedge trimmers spent the night outside. Honestly, it could have been worse. They will heal and I have not lost the use of my fingers.

Ok, so could my week get any worse than that? Gee, funny you should ask!

I have known my roots needed auguring for about a week now. I just put things off, the backup in the basement wasn't that bad. So, Thursday I called Rick's Sewer Service here in Fort Wayne. He came out, tried his machine (apparently, did a shitty job, that's what the guy I spoke with yesterday said), and said he's not going to be able to auger the roots, there's something blocking the bit, basically. Oh, great news, because it could mean replacing the sewage drain pipe in the backyard. Fantastic, right? But he was going to try one more thing.

So I was cleaning out my toolbox and had to go downstairs to get some nails that were on the shelves down there.

And the dude, who's 60-something, was PEEING ON MY BLEEPING FLOOR!!!!!! AFTER he realized he wasn't going to be able to get the water to drain. I got my nails and went upstairs. And then when he was finished trying the "one more thing", which, of course, didn't work, I sent his grown man son (yep, works with his son and pees on people's floors) out to the van. Then I tore the guy a new asshole. And sent him on his way. Penniless.

When Miss Beth gets mad, she gets MMMMMMMMAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!! If anyone else ever tries that bullshit I'm just going to set the dogs on them. My dogs are scary. Don't come in my backyard if they're there - they don't like intruders. Big babies. I love my dogs. :)

So all that brings me to the final part of the saga. Yesterday Ben from J&S Excavation came out to have a look. There's a process called jetting (which is exactly what it sounds like, where high psi water pushes sediment out of the sewage pipes thereby getting rid of the blockage) which is in-between auguring and replacing the pipes. But it costs $300. And there's no guarantee it will work. So he asked if I could go the weekend without using water to see if we could get it to drain. I said sure, I'm from the hills, no problem. On Monday he's going to come out and put a camera down and see if he can jet it and it will work, or he might just be able to augur it, which is less expensive. If he can do it, the camera fee is included in the cost. If not, I'm only out $60 instead of $300. I kind of like this guy. He's working within his boss' rules to save me $$.

So this weekend, no sewage at my house. We are taking sponge baths, and the kitchen sink is currently draining into a 5 gallon bucket. Even, we are using a sawdust toilet. It's really not fun in the confines of the city. But it's good practice for MO!!

Oh, and did I mention there was a shooting in my neighborhood? Actually, the house directly behind mine (as in, we share a fence). It was a murder-suicide where a 53 year old man shot his father and then himself. That is so sad. I didn't know them really well, but my prayers go out to the family during this time of grief. I hope anyone out there who has problems can find someone to help them before the problems culminate in a tragedy of this magnitude. It puts everything else in perspective, because quite frankly, sewer problems and cut fingers are nothing by comparison.

Let's hope next week is a quiet one!!

Ok I have all these lemons, time to go make lemonade. :) Happy weekend, everyone!