Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I didn't have time for this!

Well, I have been absent a while from the blog here, and I apologize.

Ok, business out of the way, we've been having some awesome [awful] weather here in the States lately. Luckily, my neighborhood didn't get hit too hard during the tornado weather from a couple of weekends ago, but we did get some wind.

Very strong wind.

Wind that split in half the decades old huge apple tree in my backyard.


Guess what I was doing this weekend? Yep, got to use the chainsaw. So myself, a friend of mine, and our combined children cut down and moved firewood this weekend, and yesterday and today my not-so-very-enthusiastic son and I (and one of his not-so-very-enthusiastic friends) hauled all of the branches out to the city's yard waste recycling center.

Yes, I said it. Yard waste recycling center. Now, for those of you who live in the country, here in the city we are not allowed to use up our refuse in the manner accustomed to country folks. Which is probably as ok as it is ridiculous, because if we all burned our brush, what little clean air we currently enjoy would be negated.

So five days of work and my back is killing me! (It's my fault, I knew I shouldn't have lifted that one piece of firewood after working all day. But I'm stubborn and did it anyway.)

I leave in four weeks. I did not have time for that tree to split. Damn you, Murphy, damn you!!

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