I have a hobby. Some might not understand it, but some might. It's floor plans. Yes, indeedy, floor plans. I've been doing them for 15 years at least, always changing something or other, designing and dreaming. Eventually I'll design the perfect plan.

And then, I'll see a feature in a magazine that I like. And it starts all over again.

I, however, can only use so many floor plans in my life. More accurately, probably only one. So I thought I'd put some up here and you are welcome to have a look-see. I must, however, disclose, that these are not complete blueprints, they have not been approved for code or even to stand up during building. These are simply, floorplans. But if you are trying to build your own home, and I can give you an idea of a layout, I hope it helps. If you don't see what you're looking for, let me know and I'll see if I can work something up. It usually takes about a few days.

My designs are one-floor designs that range from 256 sq ft to about 3000, with most of them being under 1000. I have a few that were designed for earthbag homes, when I was considering that technique. The rest have mostly straight walls - well, you'll see. My own plan is a 16x24 with bumpout and loft bedrooms. I won't be posting that.

I hope you enjoy looking. Check back because I'll be adding more. Thanks!



This is the first floor plan I ever came up with I really, really liked. It is just under 1250 sq ft. There's a big living room, kitchen/dining combo and a library in between. French doors are positioned right in front of the library, the master bedroom has its own bath and walk-in closet. I originally drew this plan over 5 years ago, and have since lost the design. It wasn't exactly like this - there was more storage, a secret entrance into the library and a washer and dryer somewhere. But I wanted to get one up, at least. Notice the dog in front of the fireplace. :)

Of course, having realized I actually have the chance to build and end up without a mortgage, this is no longer possible, it's way too big. But maybe someday...


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