Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Is it getting better? Maybe, just maybe.

Well, my sister and I survived our visit together, both still alive! Amazing, really, amazing. Actually, I miss her and my brother-in-law, hot showers and TV and civilization. And I'm pretty sure my dogs miss their dog, at least, that's what they whispered to me last night, in between "mom, we're still hungry". Although that appears to be a never-ending mantra; I do feed my dogs, I do!

Thanks to those of you who commented and prayed for me, it means a lot. It is for you who have been wondering and worrying that I am posting this. I normally post about good things only after they happen, and this one's 50/50.

So the already happened good? Well, I met my neighbors at my property, and they seem nice and willing (and able) to help. They helped me back in my camper to where I wanted it to go. I will say they were impressed I got it where I did. But then, they didn't see me try to get it that far. They would have had a good belly workout, they would have been laughing so hard! Or maybe just me, because I can laugh at myself. I'm like that. And the neighbors have offered water - they will at least make sure I have that, which is a huge load off my back!

And the other thing? Well, I start a job tomorrow. Making just above minimum wage, I'll be working at a flying J a mere 10 miles from where I will be living (camping?). This one I would not normally post about until I had been there for a day, but I wanted to ease any concerns out there. At least it's a j-o-b. Not glamorous, but I didn't move to the area for the fantastic rat race employment opps!

I am currently at a coffeehouse about 35 miles away, just finished my first cup of coffee of the day. My son is playing his video games, I played a little solitaire. It has been a relaxing trip to town and we have been enjoying the privacy of the nearly empty coffeehouse this afternoon. The truck is still kicking and we have food and water.

I'm not going to lie and say it's great - actually we're going to be pretty miserable for a while. But I tell my son, we only have to make it through the first couple of weeks and then it will get better. I have to remember that, too, especially when I'd like nothing more than a 30 minute hot shower to get off all the grit. But we are started and on our way, and someday we'll reach that vague point when the pleasure we get from what we do is worth more than the misery we went through to get there.

Chin up!


  1. flying j .... maybe discount or free showers there, good luck.

  2. Hope things are going well for you and your son. I'm in Missouri as well just south of Kansas City.

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