Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Mechanics of Living

So, one of my biggest failures in life, is the ability (or lack thereof) to understand anything mechanical. Ask the guy who works on my vehicles. I say it over and over, you will get a deer in the headlights look if you ask me what KIND of noise I'm hearing. All I know, is that there's a noise. Oh, and a smell. No it doesn't smell like rotten eggs. And fluid on the ground. No, I don't know what kind of fluid it is. Actually though, having been with the same mechanic who patiently explains EVERYTHING I ask about to me has helped a little. I'm much better than I was. And I do know the difference between coolant, transmission fluid, and oil. :) 

So I'm going to build a house. With limited conveniences - I think maybe three plug-ins and two lights, TOTAL. But then what do I do about water? How do I get it to come out of faucets? Well, I guess I'm not planning on having faucets. A pitcher and basin should work just fine, right? Drains are easier, there will be sinks with drains, at least. But the mechanical part of all this just isn't one of my finer points. I do a little research about this online periodically.

A while back, I came across the coolest field sink I have ever seen! I believe it has Boy Scout origins, but not really 100% positive who came up with the idea. I think it's a great set-up and will prove especially handy when I first move. I might quite possibly learn a thing or do about the mechanics of water pumps, etc. while I construct and use it. (And my son, too!)

Pretty cool, huh?

So the mechanics of living - I consider that to be defined as the methods by which conveniences are made available to us. What do you think?


  1. Now that IS really cool! Does the foot pedal pump the water?

  2. I believe so. I'll be testing it out in May. I should do it now, but that's more stuff to take with me. Still...

  3. Very cool. I could use one of those.

    Mechanics of living? In the country it gets really basic, doesn't it? The definition (for me) of conveniences has changed, that's for sure. I lived here for 5 years without city water...using only a cistern. People who know me were shocked. And I learned a LOT about the preciousness of water. lol Now for 2 years we have had water to our property and it's very convenient, and I am still miserly with it. lol

    Keep up the research...

  4. Really cool I have never seen one of these before. Thanks for visiting my blog. I will be putting you on my blog list. Really enjoyed reading your post.

  5. Very clever! My DH and I were just talking today, how accustomed we are to having certain things, certain ways. Like running water. Still, there are workarounds!